The Top Student from Noor Boys’ Orphanage

Mwezi Foundation donated 3 home lighting systems to the Noor Boys Orphanage in Mombasa in June 2017. Elizabeth visited on Sat 21st Oct 2017 and found the boys getting on very well. Here is her report:
I discussed their performance and found out that the first top primary school student in the whole of Mombasa County came from Noor Boys Orphanage. I met with the man who takes care of the children and he showed me how well the children were performing. It’s amazing. The children wake at four in the morning and stay up late to revise and do their homework.

I listened to the children sharing ideas on how best to help each other perform well at school. They decided to form a study discussion group at the home so that the bright children could help those who were struggling a bit.

They weren’t too happy about having to do the cooking and chores in the home but we agreed that as the care taker couldn’t afford to pay someone to come and help them, they should take responsibility to clean and cook after school after school in the evening before they start their evening studies, which they agreed.

They had a game of football and asked me to join in. I tried playing but I’m not that good at football.

One of the boys asked me to help him with an assignment so I did.
On checking the lighting systems I found that some of the bulbs weren’t working that well so John is visiting them today to fix them.

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