We give portable solar lights to schools in rural south east Kenya so that their pupils can do their homework at night.


We develop long term relationships with the schools we support, and return regularly to replace any lights which have broken.

Our lights are always free of charge to schools, including replacements.

We are a UK-registered charity. The UK directors all work pro bono. Almost every penny we raise goes to pay for our team in Kenya, components for the lights, delivery of the lights and ongoing relationships with our schools.

Lights in schools
Schools with lights
Children with access to a Mwezi light
Lights fixed since Jan 2023
New lights donated since Jan 2023

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

Nelson Mandela



With our lights, students can study at night and in the morning. This enables them to fulfil their potential at school, and gives their parents an additional reason to value their education, as the whole family benefits from the light.


We fix every light that we can and redonate it.  Our lights remove the need for kerosene lights, which improves health, avoids putting harmful particulates and carbon into the atmosphere and saves families money.


Our UK directors give their time for free and we work directly with schools to give them lights. We only give a maximum of one light between two students so that they have to share the light and look after it.


We allow schools to run the solar lights programme in the most appropriate way for them. We have WhatsApp groups that enable them to communicate directly with the Kenyan team and with the UK directors.

“The Mwezi light has enabled us to see clearly when doing our household chores at night because of good illumination, my siblings and I are able to do our homework well and I can see improvement in my performance because am able to study at night and early morning.”

“When I am studying using the Mwezi solar light, my siblings can also do their homework. The light has also enabled me to study for more hours which has helped to improve my performance. I can complete my homework or assignment that the teacher has given me on time.”

“When I study [using the Mwezi solar light], my sibling is able to do her homework, my mother use the light to cook, and my father come with newspaper to read.”

“We are able to see clearly and read comfortably. I am able to write and complete my homework. We prepare our food well and eat well and I am able to wake up early and prepare myself to go to school.”

“The Mwezi light has helped me to finish my homework and study in appropriate time. Since getting the Mwezi light I can now see improvement in my performance. My family and I use the Mwezi light to do house chores.”

“My siblings and I do our homework comfortably because the Mwezi solar light helps us to see clearly. We are also able to study well because the light discourages pests like mosquitoes and bedbugs inside the house. It also helps us when we are cooking.”

“The Mwezi light has helped my parents to save money used to buy electricity token. I am also able to do my homework because we don’t experience frequent blackout because of lack of electricity token.”


We welcome any amount you can donate. You can make a one off donation or set up a monthly donation. Please gift aid your donation if possible so it goes even further for us and earns tax relief for you.