We are the Mwezi Foundation. We light up lives.

Help us give the brightest future to school children in south east Kenya.

With our solar lights students can study after sunset.

We enable education, we provide employment, we protect the environment.


We light up lives.  We give Mwezi solar lights to primary schools in Kenya so the pupils can study at night and can achieve their potential. We provide a hand up, not a hand out. We enable education, we provide employment, we protect the environment. 


Each light costs £12.50 to assemble, deliver and maintain indefinitely. Each light is used by at least 2 pupils over the year and is passed on to the next class the following year. Having access to a light means that pupils can study for hours past the 6pm sunset and usually makes a significant difference to the end of school (KCPE) exam results, both the average for the class and individual performances. This can mean the difference between having to leave school at 14 and carrying on to secondary school and even university.


The Mwezi Foundation assembles all lights locally in Mombasa. We are almost unique amongst charities in our policy of collecting and fixing any broken lights to ensure maximum life and minimum waste. Our schools managers visit every school every term to replace any broken lights on the spot. John, our technical manager, repairs the lights and they are redonated to keep them in circulation. Our lights have been designed to be fully taken apart, with each component replaceable.


Our UK Directors give their time free of charge, and even support the charity financially so the whole amount of every donation goes directly into providing solar lights for children. We are motivated by the highest ethical standards. We ensure our Kenyan employees are the face of the Mwezi Foundation in Kenya. We audit each school regularly and will report on any lights which go missing, and the number which are broken and need replacing. The lights are used in harsh conditions and with a certain degree of trust. School leaders have direct contact with Kenyan managers and UK Directors through WhatsApp.

You can make a difference

We welcome any amount you can donate. You can make a one off donation or set up a monthly donation. £12.50 per month would give a light a month. Please gift aid your donation if possible so it goes even further for us and earns tax relief for you


School Spotlight

Kasidi Primary School, Kilifi County

Mwezi Kasidi School
Mwezi Kasidi School 2

Kasidi was one of our first schools. They now have the most lights of any schools – 55 Mwezi lights and a room solar lighting system to use in school, for their class of 113. This year, 2019, they produced the best exam results in their history with a mean score of 256/500, an increase of 9% on last year and 24% up on the 207 they achieved in 2016 when we started supporting them. Three pupils achieved 400 and above – Noel Munga scored 422, which is phenomenal given that the top score in Kenya last year was 455.

With the room lights Kasidi set up a small boarding programme. The students study until 10pm then get up at 4am to be ready to start again at 5am. They are very dedicated. This particularly helps the girls, who were being called on to help out with housework at home, which is a sadly common occurrence. Mr Juma, the class 8 teacher, is a passionate advocate for his pupils, regularly thanking the Mwezi Foundation for the donation of the lights and pleading for more.

Kasidi has been chosen as one of four schools to be a focus school, receiving additional lights, including one for every girl in class 8, and providing in depth research on the effects of the lights on the pupils’ education.


One of our success stories

Baraka Kaingu from Mikomani school. 

Baraka achieved 397/500 in his KCPE exams.  He studied with the Mwezi light until 10pm and got up at 4am to study again.  His parents sent him to Mikomani primary school, even though there is a closer school (Kidzini) because Mikomani had Mwezi lights.  We have now given Mwezi lights to Kidzini as well.  Baraka walks about half an hour each way to get there.  Baraka is hoping to go to a top national school (Maranda boys).  His parents are very poor, with just a one room house containing 2 beds, a desk and a chair.  But they have prioritised education. 

Mikomani is one of the largest schools in the county, with 922 pupils who study in 21 streams.  Their top pupil in 2017 was Prisca Mwajoha who achieved 420/500 and went on to a top national school north of Nairobi.  They currently have 41 lights and over 100 pupils in each year.  We have supported them since 2016 and have seen their average KCPE result jump from 196 to 248 in 2018. 

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“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”

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