Dorcas and Julia are the face of the Mwezi Foundation for our beneficiaries in Kenya.  Both Dorcas and Julia are responsible for identifying new schools for us to support, visiting them, introducing the Mwezi Foundation to them and recommending whether to donate light libraries to them.  They then deliver the light libraries (via the matatu minibuses and then by motorbike), explain how the lights work to the school leaders and pupils, advise teachers on robust monitoring procedures for the lights and maintain personal contact with each school via WhatsApp or text.  They visit each school 2-3 times per year and then advise the Directors whether we should donate additional light libraries. 

Dorcas and Julia collect and maintain information on each school, including how many lights we have donated in total, how many have been broken and replaced, how many have been lost (and what has been done about that), what the KCPE end of school exam results are and which schools the top performers have gone onto.  They are in almost daily contact with the Directors but have a significant amount of autonomy.  Dorcas and Julia are strict with the schools and the pupils about the importance of caring for the lights.  They provide an excellent role model, particularly for the girls, of educated businesswomen in good employment.

Miss Dorcas Sewe

Schools Manager

Dorcas is responsible for our relationship with all our schools across southern Kenya, with her own portfolio of schools she visits.  Dorcas joined the Mwezi Foundation in May 2018 and has overseen our growth from just a few schools to 50+ now. 

Dorcas is exceptionally good at making sure the UK Directors understand conditions on the ground.  She keeps up with our ever-increasing requests for data management and impact reporting whilst highlighting the challenges involved in collecting the data and assessing the impact!  Dorcas oversees Julia’s work and our hope is that one day she will be in charge of several schools managers as we expand.

Miss Julia Akinyi

Deputy Schools Manager

Julia joined us in May 2019 from a background in education.  She has taken on her own portfolio of schools which she visits at least twice a year.  

Mr John Ngunjiri

Technical Manager

John is Mr Mwezi light.  He assembles the lights, services them and fixes broken ones.  He has been with us since the beginning, in 2014.  John provides a weekly stock report and liaises with the Directors regarding component orders. 

Mike Hamblin


Mike is the original Director of the Mwezi Foundation, having been involved since its incorporation in 2014.

He originally qualified as a barrister in 1976 and worked for the Hong Kong Government for 10 years before returning to the UK. After qualifying as a solicitor, he founded a legal practice in 1993 of which he is still senior partner although he has largely retired from legal work.

Claire Paye


Claire joined the Mwezi Foundation in 2015 and is primarily responsible for liaising with the Schools Managers and the schools directly, where appropriate.  In her day job she is the Research Director for an M&A Consultancy firm.  Claire has extensive experience of travel in Africa, having grown up in South Africa and The Gambia, as part of a diplomatic family, then having led UK trade missions across Africa.  She is familiar with the ‘challenges’ of operating in Africa and so helps ensure the Mwezi Foundation works at a grassroots level, in direct contact with the beneficiary schools, which she finds to be the most efficient and effective way of helping the next generation. 

Helen Jackson


Helen is responsible for our emerging programme linking UK schools with Kenyan schools.

As a qualified primary school teacher, Helen has seen first hand the positive impact that can be achieved when you tackle removing barriers to education. She is passionate about ensuring access to education for all children and feels privileged to be working with the Mwezi Foundation as they seek to further educational opportunities in a very practical way.

mwezi staff Juliet

Juliet Chalk

Development Officer

We have been given some funding to support a Development Officer for three years.  Juliet’s role is to increase our funding base and assist the growth of the charity’s activities. 

I’m thrilled to have joined the Mwezi Foundation at such a pivotal time. From my very first day, I could see how great the need is for our solar lights, and how committed our partner schools and pupils are to making full use of them. It is truly humbling to see how much they can achieve, often in circumstances which are almost impossible for us in the global North to imagine. I also love the Mwezi Foundation’s sustainable, holistic approach. Not only does it help children to break the cycle of poverty and disadvantage and boost their self-determination and ‘agency’ – but it simultaneously benefits the environment, promotes girls’ attainment and even, in a small way, eases family finances.

I shall do my utmost to bring in funding to support the charity’s work and scope. The need for Mwezi lights is enormous – we must find a way to meet that need.

Izzy Ingram

Social Media Manager

Izzy is doing an amazing job of highlighting the many achievements of the Mwezi Foundation and our schools through social media.  She brings the essential quality of being young and thereby instinctively ‘getting’ social media.  She is the hashtag queen.

I’m Izzy and I’m an English undergraduate at Durham University, with an interest in writing and publishing. I am also a private tutor, and I have published several study guides for A-Level English students.  I was keen to volunteer for Mwezi because the work they do has so many positive effects: it helps improve the environment (as solar lights are sustainable and eco-friendly), provides local employment (as the lights are manufactured, repaired and distributed by local Kenyans), as well as enabling young people to achieve their potential. I can think of few charities that do so much good at once!

Martin Brown


Martin has worked in mental health services in England as a clinician, teacher and manager. In 1992 he joined the Department of Health to become Head of Mental health Policy. In 2002 he established the Northern Centre for Mental Health, a multi professional development agency. In 2005 he became a technical consultant for WHO Europe, working in the Balkans, other east European countries and Turkey, providing strategic advice at government level on reforming mental health policy and services. From 2008-2011 he was Director of High Secure Services at Ashworth hospital, Merseyside. He is an honorary Professor in the School of Life Sciences at York University.

“I am delighted to be supporting the foundation in its mission to bring lights to schools in Kenya. I came across the foundation by accident but was inspired by its commitment to using local knowledge and expertise to provide real practical help where it’s needed in a way that helps people work towards achieving their ambitions. I look forward to helping the organisation grow and develop.

Mr James Jeremiah

The teachers in the schools we work with are extremely significant in ensuring that their pupils have access to Mwezi lights.  Many of them are very effective advocates for their students, lobbying us directly on the Mwezi WhatsApp group, which the Directors and Kenyan managers are part of, for more lights, sending photos and case studies to us, keeping us informed about their students’ performance and the challenges they face.  We rely on them to keep good records of the lights and to collect them in at the end of the year to pass on to the following year’s class 8. 

Our Patrons

George Nash MBE 

George is Mwezi’s resident Olympian. He won a Gold medal in the men’s four at the Rio 2016 Olympics and a bronze medal in the men’s pair at the London 2012 Games. He’s a sports enthusiast and if he’s not running, swimming or cycling he can be found on the golf course.

He now works as an engineer in a manufacturing business in Surrey and is passionate about simple, robust product design.

“The Mwezi Foundation light is a brilliant example of how an innovative, simple design can transform people’s lives not only through the primary use of the device in schools and homes but also through the service and redistribution of the product. I believe wholeheartedly in the Mwezi Foundation mission and am very excited to be a part of the team.”

Alan Pover CMG

Alan Pover is a former British High Commissioner to The Gambia.  His distinguished career included several years as part of HM Overseas Inspectorate, which involved extensive travel throughout Africa on behalf of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. His postings included Nigeria, Israel, Pakistan, South Africa, Washington DC and The Gambia. His experience and advice is invaluable in helping the Mwezi Foundation to operate in Kenya.

Mike Sherry, Founder

Although not a patron, we want to credit Mike here as one of the Founders of Mwezi Ltd.  He helped develop the Mwezi solar light and established the connection with Likoni in Kenya. He set up the Mwezi Foundation and has been a massive support since we became fully independent in 2016.  Mike continues to run Mwezi Ltd.