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Our Schools

The Mwezi Foundation have donated lights to over 60 schools so far, and are regularly approving new applications.  We have donated over 2,716 Mwezi lights since 2014.  As well as giving individual lights, we give lighting systems with 4 bulbs which can light up 1 or 2 rooms. Our aim is to support half of all schools in the Kwale and Kilifi districts of Kenya by 2026 – that’s over 300 schools. Here is just a selection of the ones we support already.

student from kasidi school

Mwezi School review

As a school we have highly benefited in terms of lighting. In school our academics have hit a new high. Gone are the days when studying was dictated by darkness. This assurance has positively impacted on our learners and their parents. Teachers are not to be left out, it is always a touching moment to experience the joy with which the learners study under the Mwezi lights. The assurance that light shall ALWAYS be available every other day is highly transformative. 

The ever-ready back-up from the technical team is outstanding. They are reliable and highly resourceful. 

We are grateful for the support and the highly memorable visit. We hope that the coming year will usher in a higher level of cooperation. 

Long live Mwezi Foundation.

Mr Juma from Kasidi Primary School

“Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.”

Malcom X

Where are lights can be found

Kasidi Primary School, Kilifi County

Mwezi Kasidi School

Kasidi was one of our first schools. They now have the most lights of any schools – 55 Mwezi lights and a room solar lighting system to use in school, for their class of 113. This year, 2019, they produced the best exam results in their history with a mean score of 256/500, an increase of 9% on last year and 24% up on the 207 they achieved in 2016 when we started supporting them. Three pupils achieved 400 and above – Noel Munga scored 422, which is phenomenal given that the top score in Kenya this year was 440.

With the room lights Kasidi set up a small boarding programme. The students study until 10pm then get up at 4am to be ready to start again at 5am. They are very dedicated. This particularly helps the girls, who were being called on to help out with housework at home, which is a sadly common occurrence. Mr Juma, the class 8 teacher, is a passionate advocate for his pupils, regularly thanking the Mwezi Foundation for the donation of the lights and pleading for more.

Kasidi has been chosen as one of two schools to enter an educational exchange with Bohunt Academy in the UK. They have started exchanging personal essays and will be completing a joint creative writing project.