Every single solar light that you enable us to give to schoolchildren in Kenya has the potential to transform a life forever.

Thanks to the generous donations that we have received in the past, the students that we support have been able to improve their exam results significantly. This really does transform their futures: improved grades offer access to better secondary schools and even the prestigious national schools, opening up a wealth of opportunities. For young girls in particular, being able to work hard and improve their grades helps their parents to recognise the value of their daughters’ education, enabling them to escape arranged marriages and pursue exciting careers instead.

How much of an impact will my donation make?

Our teachers keep us informed about the effect that their solar lights are having and tell us important individual stories about the lives and successes of their students. This helps us to keep track of the impact that your donations are making, and allows us to assess the future impact that further donations could make.

“It is impressive that our KCPE average has improved from 268 to 304, with the highest score, 354, being achieved by a girl, Ngunja Edward, who got into the impressive Matunga Girls High School.”

Mr Mbindu Boniface from Kanana Genesis School

“Imani Primary School has done well in their KCPE exams thanks to our Mwezi solar lights. Our best student has joined Shimo La Tewa. I’m very happy. Our pupils are very willing to study, but they were unable to due to poverty. Now, our KCPE average has increased from 206 to 254.94. Thank you!”

Madam Joyce from Imani Primary School

“The majority of households have no electricity at all. They rely on kerosene, which they buy in small amounts because they can’t afford more, and often there isn’t enough for students to do their homework.”

Mr Mukeki, the Head Teacher at Chigombero Primary School

“The Mwezi solar lights really help because the students don’t have electricity for months and months on end.”

Mr Kollo, the Deputy Head Teacher at Gulanze Primary School


The figures below include all of the overheads and allow for ongoing maintenance and the replacement of parts.


£14 buys one Mwezi solar light. This will help 2 children every school year

buys 8 solar lights. These will help 16 children every school year.

buys 16 solar lights. These will help 32 children every school year.

Why donate to Mwezi?

There are so many fantastic reasons why you should donate to the Mwezi Foundation!

  • You will make a measurable impact on the lives of young children. We can measure the effect that our solar lights are having on the schoolchildren that we support by recording their KCPE exam results and analysing the data. Usually, our lights substantially improve students’ grades and lead to more pupils being offered places at secondary schools. This means that, by making a donation, you will be making a quantifiable impact on the life of a child.
  • 100% of your donation will be used to help primary schoolchildren. All of our UK directors volunteer their time at no cost.
  • You will make a long-term impact. We maintain an ongoing partnership with the remote, rural schools that we support. Our Schools Managers regularly visit our schools, and the whole Mwezi team stays in contact with teachers via WhatsApp. We guarantee our solar lights indefinitely, repairing and replacing them when they break. This means that the solar lights that your donation enables us to give will have a long-term impact; they will stay in our schools indefinitely!
  • You will be fighting global warming. All of our lights run on clean, sustainable solar power. They replace the need for dangerous kerosene lamps, and, in doing so, they reduce CO2 emissions, which helps to fight climate change.
  • You will be reducing waste. When our lights break, we repair them whenever possible. When it is not possible to fix a broken light, we recycle the components to make new lights. This means that our solar lights do not generate waste.

Whether you have made a one-off gift or set up a monthly donation, thank you. Your generosity will make a real impact on the lives and futures of primary schoolchildren.

Charity No: 1163037