Expanding into New Schools and Orphanages

Map of Mwezi schools and orphanages

The Mwezi Foundation is expanding! We are accepting applications (forms available from claire@mwezifoundation.org or Dorcas can supply them in Kenya) from schools and orphanages in south east Kenya, around the Mombasa region.

Kidumu School for Deaf

We have given more than 50 light libraries to over 22 schools, and provided 6 home lighting systems to orphanages, with a further two to schools in the area but we would like to support more children to achieve their dream of going to secondary school.

Henny’s Children’s Home

If you would like to help us light up more children’s lives, please consider donating via our Donate page. £12 buys one light, £180 buys a light library of 15 lights and £160 buys a home lighting system for an orphanage. Each light gives children hope.

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