The results are in….

Girls at Kasidi Primary School celebrating their results and showing off their Mwezi lights

The 40 schools which the Mwezi Foundation supports in Kenya are sharing their KCPE results with us. These are the end of primary school exams which pupils take in order to progress to secondary school. We measure what difference our lights make by the improvement in average score and by the pupils achieving the highest grade. The exams are marked out of 500 across several papers.

Kasidi top performers 2019

Noel Bokoro from Kasidi Primary School achieved a staggering 422/500, which is one of the top scores in the whole of Kenya. Mr Juma, his teacher, sent the Mwezi Foundation a heart-warming email of thanks:

Dear Madam Claire,

As the end of the year beckons, we at Kasidi would like to make known to The Mwezi foundation that you have made us proud.

As a school we have highly benefited in terms of lighting. In school our academics have hit a new high. Gone are the days when studying was dictated by darkness. This assurance has positively impacted on our learners and their parents. Teachers are not to be left out, it is always a touching moment to experience the joy with which the learners study under the Mwezi lights. The assurance that light shall ALWAYS be available every other day is highly transformative. 

The ever-ready back-up from the technical team is outstanding. They are reliable and highly resourceful. 

We are grateful for the support and the highly memorable visit. We hope that the coming year will usher in a higher level of cooperation. 

Attached please find some snaps taken by our learners. 

Long live Mwezi Foundation.

Mr Juma, Kasidi Primary School
The Kasidi class of 2019

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