The Mwezi Foundation at full speed ahead

Elizabeth is back from maternity leave and has taken on the role of External Relations Manager, to enable us to build up links with local authorities and aid organisations. She is also responsible for our solar room light donations to orphanages and children’s homes. Dorcas is now focussing on schools as our Schools Manager. John continues as our Technical Manager, assembling and servicing lights from the new office in Likoni.

We are taking stock as the schools go on their holidays, waiting with some excitement for the exam results from the schools we are supporting with Mwezi lights. We are planning new donations for 2019 and are actively assessing some new schools which we would like to support, as well as existing schools to which we can give additional light libraries. We will also be supporting some additional orphanages with solar room lights.

We have had some problems with Kenyan customs demanding extortionate ‘fees’ to import solar batteries for our lights and are assessing whether these fees are charged regularly, as they detract from our ability to help Kenyan school children. It is extremely frustrating and disappointing. But we remain determined to help as many school children have a brighter future as possible.

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