Mwezi solar lights reach even more Kenyan schools!

More Kenyan primary schools are benefitting from access to Mwezi solar lights. From January 2020 to March 2021, we doubled the number of Kenyan schools we support to over 65, fine-tuned our mission and values, written our first strategic plan, and set ourselves an ambitious target to support half the primary schools in Kilifi and Kwale counties, south-east Kenya, within the next five years. This is a total of 330 schools – of which we are aiming to reach 100 by the end of 2021.

We continued to run our workshop/office in Likoni, Mombasa throughout lockdowns and school closures, including keeping our staff on full pay, and to support our partner schools and their pupils as much as possible.

Rapid expansion of lights in schools

  • 67 primary schools in the Mwezi Foundation programme as at March 2021 –  an increase of 31 schools since December 2019. A further 16 schools are on our waiting list.
  • 1,456 additional solar lights donated, almost doubling the number of lights given in the previous three years and bringing the total to  2,716.
  • 193 broken solar lights replaced – equivalent to a failure rate of just 7.1%.
  • 3,771 students have had access to Mwezi solar lights in past year.
  • £54,000 fundraised from trusts, foundations and the public, including a flagship £25,000 donation from a key individual
  • In addition, regular donations received of over £550/month

Students at Nguluku Primary School with Mwezi solar lights
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