Mikomani produces Outstanding Exam Results using their Mwezi Solar Lights

Mikomani Primary School have achieved an amazing result, with three students achieving over 400 marks in their end of school exams.  With over 100 students in the class, and just 30 Mwezi lights (we will be giving them more ASAP!), they allocated one light permanently to Prisca, who used it to study morning and evening.  She achieved an amazing 420 marks in her final exams, earning her a place at Kenya High School, a National Girls’ school.  (The school is sending a teacher to collect the light back in from her mother, who is currently, and understandably, holding onto it!).

In fact, the top student in the whole country got 455 marks, only 35 more. Dorcas reported back: It is really encouraging to notice that a girl from the rural interior using a solar light to study at night can battle it out with the giants from big schools who have tutors, full time electricity all the reading books and well off schools and come out the top.  The top student in Mombasa County achieved 440, and he came top out of all the private schools, so Prisca’s achievement was incredible. 

We also celebrate the achievements of Emmanuel Mwaringa, with 406 marks and his close rival, Morris Mukuzi, with 407 marks, both of whom go on to battle it out at Maranda Boys, one of the best schools in Kenya.

The teachers at Mikomani are so dedicated that they paid themselves for a solar panel and 2 bulbs.  However, as they aren’t the Mwezi-supplied ones, they are very weak.  The Mwezi Foundation is discussing with Mikomani and Dorcas the best way to support this year’s Class 8, with 124 pupils across 2 streams.  We would like to give them at least one solar room lighting system, to help with the morning and evening classes that they run, and possibly another light library.  If you would like to help, please Donate via the button on the website. 

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